eJPT experience

Updated:November 6, 2021 pm

What is eJPT

The eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) is a 100% practical certification on penetration testing and information security essentials. By passing the exam, a cyber security professional proves to employers they are ready for a rewarding new career. (From elearnsecurity website)

Why eJPT

The reason I got eJPT was because, it looks like its a good entry point for a begginer, to prove that he has the skills to enter a entry level position. And considering the skills I have gained from hackthebox and other online resources, I though it would be something easy, and good for my cv.


Study Material

To prepare for this certificate you need to go to Ine website and register for free. After you need to take the Penetration Testing Prerequisites course. This should be enough for you to pass the test.

Bying the voucher

Whenever you feel ready, you can buy the voucher which costs 200$ at elearnsecurity official website.


  • The voucher expirers after 180 days, so you don’t need to rush to take it.
  • When you start the exam you have 72 hours to submit your final results.
  • There are 20 multiple choice questions and you need 75% to pass.

Technical Stuff

Once you start you are provided with a ovpn file to access the network, and also a pdf file with some instructions.

Usefull tools

Bruteforcing logins

Password cracking

  • hashcat
  • john
  • unshadow (Use this to combine /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow and give it to john for cracking)

Port scanning


  • ip (sudo ip route add $ via $ dev tap0)
  • route (show routing table)





It would be a good practice to know how ftp | ssh clients work on linux. You will definetly need them. In general it is good to see how the mentioned tools work. Also you will need to be familiar with metasploit.


Getting this certification was worth the time and effort and lots of things to learn while doing it.